How to Manage Your Finances and Reach your Dream Goals (with FREE software access)

Justin San Juan
3 min readMay 30, 2021


In this article, I share a website app that I built to empower people to plan for their future. I believe that knowledge & planning is the key confidence. The app makes it easy to add incomes, expenses, and goals, then see how they impact your future through a graph, as well as how you can change them.

Financial Planning App — Incomes, Expenses, Goals, and Projected Savings Graph

Fear is only a matter of uncertainty. I believe that if we know what the future looks like in our current track, we can make changes in our lifestyle or expectations before it is too late.

Check out the financial planner here!

Interactive Projections Graph

The main feature of the app is an interactive graph of your projected savings, incomes, and expenses over time. This is generated from your inputs (i.e. incomes, expenses, and goals).

In the app, you can see the amounts spent for items such as a house or car in any given year.

You can also click and drag the house / car spendings left or right to adjust the starting date of the purchase!

Interactive drag goal to modify start date

All of your incomes are automatically taxed based on the region you have selected.

You are able to view the amounts in any currency you select, such as Hong Kong Dollar, United States Dollar, etc. There are many more features I hope to add into the app, such as adding rental income, and so on.

Most of the work now is in adding accurate tax calculations for the different incomes, such as salary tax, rental tax, property tax, investment income tax, etc. This way, you can just select your region and all the taxes are automatically applied! This would make it so much simpler to make rough yet accurate estimates for your future. Of course, for full transparency, the tax rates used are displayed for each income.

Through this app, I aim to make it simple to plan your future and share it with others. I hope to make financial planning less of a burden and more of a fun activity to discuss with others.

The app is available right now for FREE at:

Feel free to comment to add a new location or a new feature!

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