How to Quickly Estimate your AWS Costs (with FREE spreadsheet template)

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Fixed vs Variable costs

The Spreadsheet


  • Yellow Cells: You should change the number based on your own case
  • Light-blue Cells: Resulting numbers you should pay attention to
  • Grey Cells: Comments (could be removed)

The Transaction Table

Transaction Table example
  • 1 user is assumed to have 10* properties on average. (e.g. air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, etc.)
  • On average, each property is assumed to have 1* appointment for maintenance per month.
  • Each appointment would have 5* related notifications (e.g. start, delayed, etc.)

The Component Usage Table

Component Usage Table example
  • API Gateway 5 times
  • Lambda 5 times
  • DynamoDB 10 times
  • SES 0 times

Get Total AWS Component Costs

Get Insights

Fixed Costs

Fixed Cost Estimates example

User-Scaled Estimates

User-Scaled Estimates example


Award-Winning Software Engineer | Business and Web Consultant

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Justin San Juan

Justin San Juan

Award-Winning Software Engineer | Business and Web Consultant

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