The BEST Naming Strategy for Any Programming Language

  • Shortest names possible
  • Easy to understand
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Naming Conventions != Naming Strategy

  • camelCase : all words except the first are capitalized at the first letter (JavaScript)
  • PascalCase : all words capitalized at the first letter (C#)
  • snake_case : all lowercase, words separated by underscores (python)

High-Level Overview

Prefixes, Why?

  • current (integer), indicates the sentence number the user is on
  • highlights (map), indicates which sentences should be highlighed
  • commands (array-like), stores the command history
Prefix Table
[1] The commands object most closely resembles a stack. A command is pushed to the object to be at the top. However, when undoing, the top command is just popped and discarded. The undone commands are kept until a redo is executed or the user applied a new command to overwrite the popped commands. The popped commands could be stored in another stack.

Further Notes on Prefixes

  • doIter
  • user
  • calc & get

Additional Functions

  • componentDidUpdate: compare previous state and new state, then apply do functions

Example Flow

* The following chain will increment the this.state.current
* value to indicate that the next sentence should be
* highlighted.
userMoveNextSentence() // Calls the command function to
// record the action
- commandMoveNext() // Calls the execute to apply state change
= executeMove(commandProps) // Causes the re-render
- (state-change re-render)
- componentDidUpdate() // Calls the do functions to
// remove the previous
// highlight and add the next one
- doRemoveHighlight(prevN), doAddHighlight(nextN)


Award-Winning Software Engineer | Business and Web Consultant

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Justin San Juan

Justin San Juan

Award-Winning Software Engineer | Business and Web Consultant

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