The Invariants — Deep Insights for Programming & Business from the book “A Timeless Way of Building”

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About the Book

On the surface, the book is about architecture, but at its core, it is about building things that last. From this perspective, the goal for both building architects and software architects is the same — to build something part of people’s lives that stands the test of time.

The book focuses on two major concepts

1. The Invariants

This concept focuses on how identifying invariant forces, meaning the underlying forces that exist for all versions of the same problem, is key to build a timeless solution.

2. The System of Forces

Each problem can be boiled down to a system of underlying forces where the solution has to strike a satisfying balance among these forces.

How Does This Apply to Programming?

In comparison, in computing, the system of forces have to be understood to solve the right problems. This can be done using Design Patterns — delegating and encapsulating work to subclasses that can be created in the future.


It is critical then to understand the core structure of the problem, and how the environment for the problem is a system of forces with specifically underlying forces that are invariant. It is only by identifying these underlying forces, then, that a timeless solution can be formed.



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Justin San Juan

Justin San Juan


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